Boveda cigar accessories

What makes Boveda products different?

1. Releases and absorbs moisture as directed on the pouch and based on the temperature in the humidor.

2. It is available in four humidification levels (65-69-72-75%).

3. It does not require any maintenance or recharging. It's disposable.

4. The humidifying gel inside the sachets releases purified water vapor.

5. The humidification effect of the sachet lasts from 2 to 4 months depending on the size.

6. When the gel inside the bag becomes stiff then it has exhausted its function and must be replaced.

7. Does not damage cigars in contact with them.

What else?

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Tired of always checking the humidor, adding water With these gel bags the problem is solved Just add this gel bag to your humidor and for 4 months you are free to enjoy only your cigars. That's why Boveda products are so dif...
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Humi Bag Richiudibile che permette di conservare i vostri sigari per 'un anno'* in una semplice busta pre umidificata che conserverà al meglio i vostri sigari ideale per chi viaggia, per chi non vuole comprare un umidor o per c...

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