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Castle Bamboo 111.150 This pipe belongs to the "Il Bamboo di Castello" collection, produced in 2013 in a limited edition of 150 specimens, characterized by an artistic silver ring. Just as the knots on the Bamboo are imagin...
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Add a masterpiece to your collection with the Castello Collection Grat Line KK Shape 25 Pipe. Its captivating flame and double finish make it unique and elegant. Let yourself be conquered by its free form and discover the ex...
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The Castello Collection KKK Shape 10 Brucianaso Smooth Orange Pipe is the ultimate symbol of style and refinement for true connoisseurs. Unmistakable for its loved and refined design, this Orange color with a beautiful grain co...
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This Castello Big-Line Shape 25 DUBLIN sandblasted pipe is a unique and rare piece that enhances the flame, giving you unforgettable smokes. The fantastic sandblasting makes this pipe a luxury accessory that cannot be missing f...
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Add an exclusive piece to your collection with the Castello Collection KKK Shape 25 C DUBLIN SMOOTH Pipe. The fantastic design of this Dublin Freehand is enriched by the eye-catching flame and the beautiful double finish. A je...
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The Castello Collection KK Kino Pipe is a pipe work of art, created with a combination of luxurious components. Crafted from marine briar with a refined white mouthpiece, this piece offers a uniquely luxurious feel. The delica...
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