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The Floppy online store offers its customers a truly vast and refined pipe sales catalogue.

Original Mastro products, unobtainable used pipes that are often out of production that we rigorously always first clean and sterilize to satisfy the passion of each of our customers.

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    Status: Used Refurbished   Material: Erica Arborea Year: 1977 Ring: 925 silver Mouthpiece: New methacrylate, never used Wording on the Pipe: MASTRO DE PAJA HANDMADE (SUN) 1977 4 circled  Rating: 5 * PS...
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Something Global, Something Unique Something Simply Fabulous, Something from 1981 Ideal for those who love long, persistent and never boring smokes and for those who love the history of the Italian pipe Status : New Mate...
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Fabulous Mastro de Paja series Gigante un Sole year of creation 1981 Ideal for those who love long, persistent and never boring smokes. The inside of the stove is perfectly smooth Condition: Used Refurbished Material : Er...
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Fabulous Mastro de Paja series 3C a Sun from 1980 with a smooth flamed orange finish, the black methacrylate mouthpiece has a slight sign of teeth in the lower part. Condition: Used Refurbished Material : Erica Arborea Year...
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Beautiful and perfectly kept. This Billiard With a beautiful flaming and unique practicality Status: Used. New Shape : Billiard Year: 2000 Ring : Yes in Gold ùBocc : Methacrylate Quality : ***** PS The quality is ind...

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