Pipe cleaners
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This product has the characteristic of deep cleaning the pipe barrel thanks to its rigid nylon core.
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This product is mainly used for cleaning curved pipes thanks to the conical shape which allows it to be flexible and to enter the pipe in a soft and uniform way.
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Bag of 100 soft white rayon conical pipe cleaners Soft as silk ideal for everyday use Rayon is a man-made fiber with natural origins; since the end of the 19th century, it has in fact been produced from natural cellulose. w...
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Dunhill offre una soluzione professionale per pulire le pipe. Realizzato con materiali di alta qualità, è resistente ed efficiente. Gli scovolini di Dunhill sono l'ideale per chi cerca un prodotto di qualità per risultati ottim...
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Convenient packaging consisting of Stem Polish, a cleaning paste for ebonite mouthpieces Nikosolvol the liquid that with the aid of a brush serves to dissolve and disinfect the inside of the pipe Pipe Polish Briar cleaning ...
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Convenient tin box created for the celebration of the 140th Savinelli anniversary. The package consists of Nikosolvol 18ml (for cleaning the inside of the pipe) Pipe Polish 18ml (for cleaning the outside of the pipe) Stem...
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Details This brush has two functions in one product: the abrasive part is suitable for the first cleaning of the pipe barrel, while the cotton part being softer is more suitable for cleaning the mouthpiece.
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