Estate Pipe Butz choquin flamme maître pipier st claude france Rodata

Made in France
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Fantastic Stand up. M;Add Info in Description

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Exceptional Stand up, its flat bottom allows it to be placed on any surface

Ergonomic and pleasant to hold.

This French gem will make your smokes enchanting

Very old pipe probably dating back to the 60s-70s.

The internal mouthpiece and bowl are like new

A real deal not to be missed

Shape: Stand up Full bent

Size: Medium-large

Finishing: Smooth

Rim : Smooth

Mouthpiece: Ebonite

Condition: Used Refurbished

Year: 1960-1970

Ring: No

Mouthpiece: Methacrylate

Quality: 4* - slight dent on the left side

PS The quality is indicative and varies from 1 to 5 stars, the rating is given by Mr. Pierpaolo Spinozzi based on wear, the quality of the briar, the quality of the mouthpiece and wear of the bowl.

Data sheet

Anno di Produzione: 1960-1970

Nazione di provenienza: France

Forma: Stand up Full Bent

Filtro: No

Grandezza pipa: Medium Large

Peso (Gr): 57

Materiale bocchino: Ebonite

Lunghezza (mm): 143

Altezza fornello (mm): 58

Diametro esterno (mm): 38

Diametro foro (mm): 21

Profondita foro (mm): 42