Floppy Tobacconist's
Have you ever been to San Benedetto del Tronto? There's the sea, the beach, the sun… and then there's us. You can find us in the city center, in an ancient building in a historic street, also known as the via degli orefici. Our tobacco shop offers a huge range of pipes, cigars, lighters, but also candies, greeting cards and any other accessory for smokers and non-smokers. More than 30 years of experience put at your service to meet your needs and maybe even help you make your dreams come true.

It all began when my father, Mr. Luigi, at the tender age of 18 was enraptured by the beauty of a pipe. Exactly not even he can explain what prompted him to buy it, the only sure thing is that he had to find a job to do it! Perhaps he could appear fanatic, perhaps against the tide but he was simply a boy who loved that object and that is why shortly thereafter he opened a tobacco bar where he cultivated his passion and began to sell his pipes in the general skepticism of the suppliers . Over the years that skepticism turned into confidence. The seriousness, the results and the consolidation of our brand have made us a certainty in central Italy. And this is the reason that prompted us to move to the center of a wonderful city like San Benedetto.
In 1997, my mother and father inaugurated the new store at number 87 of the historic Via XX Settembre, in the heart of our city. The goal is to specialize to guarantee our customers the best services. Today we are official resellers of brands such as Castello, Dunhill, Savinelli, Dupont and we have a complete assortment of all the best Italian and foreign pipe companies. Over the years our wealth of experience has been enriched by travels, invitations, meetings and collaborations with the masters of this magical world. We attended the Macanudo Magic and the official presentations of the most prestigious cigar companies in the world. Mr. Roberto Toto Ixba, Mexican Master Torcedores, came to visit us at the tobacconist's. All this thanks to the constant presence of Mario Lubinski of Cigars & Tobacco Italy. We have also been to the Dominican Republic where, thanks to the prize trip offered to us by the MAGA TEAM in collaboration with GENERAL CIGARS, we have visited the major cigar factories in the world, just to name a few: Macanudo, Aurora, Leon Jemenez. We also had the satisfaction of being "torcedores" for a day. All this will be put at your service to always offer you the best.
No one believed it, but then the idea was loved a lot. Today, many call us to set up a tasting of Rum and Cigars at their wedding, invariably accompanied by dark chocolate. Because true passions only marry with other true passions.

Make way for young people. These in the photo are my brother Edoardo and me, Pierpaolo. Our father passed on to us the passion for pipes and both our parents that for our tobacco shop. We literally grew up in this Tobacconist's shop and perhaps for this reason at one point we felt a little tight. We wanted to broaden our horizons and customers, and we launched our online shop. Yes, what you are browsing is the result of our passion and, let's face it, foresight! You like it?
We are very fond of our Brand logo, because what you see is the profile of our father. Luigi's writing and face come from a stone bas-relief that has always flanked the entrance to our Tobacconist's shop. These elements have been digitized and stylized, and today they represent us in the world.
Each pipe comes from the heart, especially Marylou. To celebrate the birth of my daughter, we are dedicating a limited edition pipe to her (15 pieces in all). Marylou Limited Edition is made with the best briars and finished by hand by the best Savinelli master pipe makers.

There is no birthday without a party and there is no party without friends. When our brand turns 35, we launched a competition in collaboration with Castello, "Floppy35°-Castello", since it was also the 70th anniversary of their first finishing. To involve our community, we asked our friends to send us an unpublished project for a pipe inspired by the anniversary. The craftsmen of the Castello would have made the most beautiful. One specimen was given to the winner, while five others, in different finishes, were put up for sale.
Alexander, my second son, was born. Inspired by the love of life and pipes I design my first line of pipes and name them after him. Obviously they are branded Floppy.
We like to launch ourselves into new adventures, by now you will have understood that. The first voyage among the stars open to passengers inspires us for a new limited edition pipe, the FloppyX Limited Edition.

The journey continues...
We like news and we like to amaze you, but above all we like to serve you in the best possible way. Continue to follow us, always, because we at Floppy are here to cultivate the passion for slow smoking with you.

Happy surfing! Pierpaolo Spinozzi, Online Sales Manager