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Line : Meeting Size : Small Finishing: Smooth Shape : Rhodesian Nose Burner Mouthpiece: Cumberland colored methacrylate Rim : Smooth Clutch bag: With shoulder strap The pipe is stand up and holds itself up thanks to its ...
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Something different from the rugged, muscular aesthetic that characterizes most , the Specialty line contains some of our smallest and lightest shapes such as Barrel, Tankard, Calabash and Belgique. It was created in 1945 and ...
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A Sandblasted pipe should not be missing from any slow smoking enthusiast. Savinelli uses only briar carefully selected for the characteristics of its grain for this type of processing. The sand, literally "shot" at very high p...
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One of the most popular shapes: the distinctive Rhodesian practically embodies the iconic House style, featuring a low layout, a thick, sturdy stem and a substantial bowl. Ebony Spigot features shapes from the Classic range in ...
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New Reverse Calabash Series 2023 Reverse Calabash system that allows the smoke to cool in the torch chamber to release all the flavor and delights of tobacco. What are you waiting for to try it? Material: Erica Arborea (Bria...
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La Pipa Rodata Danese Karl Erik 'B' è dignitosa ed elegante. Realizzata con un bellissimo occhio di pernice e una favolosa fiammata abbellita da una ghiera lavorata, saprà arricchire sia al tuo look sia al tuo fumatore. Non pe...
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The Alfred Dunhill The White Spot Cumberland 4108 Pipe is a unique smoking experience. Its rhodesian bent shape lines are elegant and sublime, offering a connoisseur an enjoyable smoking experience. A must-have for any collector.
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The quintessential craftsman, Jess has decades of pipe making experience. Under the supervision of Poul Rasmussen, his creativity was honed in the renowned Larsen laboratory and under the guidance of Sixten Ivarsson. Every manu...

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