Pipe Iafisco Apple Sandblasted Stand Up with horn ferrule Italia 23

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Live the extraordinary experience of smoking a splendid Iafisco pipe! More info in description

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Live the extraordinary experience of smoking a splendid Iafisco pipe!

Made with briar, flamed and balanced, it is a work of art that combines beautiful refinement and enchanting ergonomics.

Try it now and discover its unique charm!



The Iafisco Pipes were born in 2010 from the encounter with the great Anglo-Saxon classical tradition.

In addition to a reinterpretation of the timeless original English forms, over the last few years, we have dedicated ourselves to experimenting with other perspectives.

The solidity and robustness of the Italian school, the lively organic nature of the great Danish masters, American industrial design in its most harmonious nuance, are the starting points from which the identity of the Iafisco Pipes has developed.

In particular, the aesthetic references in the production of freehand pipes start from the study of Italian rationalism and from details dating back to the Northern European neoclassical; as far as the classic shapes are concerned, the orientation instinctively starts from the English tradition including games and variations on volumes and combinations of lines.

From the very beginning there has always been an interest in seeking the most complete possible result, which can guarantee the smoker not only an excellent sensory experience but also access to a particular "legacy", whose most distinctive elements are kept in the hands of great master craftsmen.The privilege of having been able to take advantage of the direct teaching of Masters such as Teddy Knudsen, Tom Eltang, Claudio Cavicchi, the Radice family, up to the most recent collaborations with Jeff Gracik, Chris Asteriou and others has played a lot of importance in extending the horizon of meaning of the pipes produced.In addition to being objects designed for tasting tobacco, they are actually tributes to a tradition and an imaginary shared by those who, throughout history, have been able to get excited in looking beyond the mere function of things, appreciating their ability to interpret and restore the signs of time.

It is important to note that in the creation of a freehand pipe the first phase consists in reading the briar: being a product of nature, the briar does not have precise and regular symmetrical geometries therefore first of all we proceed to identify the arrangement and direction of the veins to understand which form to implement.

Step by step then we get to highlight the shape of the pipe originally contained in the log of briar. Exactly like a sculptor who removes the excess material to obtain the finished pipe. Furthermore, in order to have a beautiful and functional pipe, or one that "smokes well", the appearance of the holes is of the utmost importance; the drilling axes of the fireplace, stem and draft hole are traced in pencil, making sure that the final result allows for correct alignments and adequate wood thicknesses to be obtained.

As a last essential aspect, the processing of the stem focuses on achieving a perfect combination of comfort and functionality. In fact, the main objective is to guarantee a smooth flow of smoke, of the right temperature and as free as possible from turbulence and condensation.

Materials Top quality German ebonite as used by the most prestigious brands. Root of Mimmo Romeo internationally known for uncompromising quality.


The briar is carefully selected plate by plate exclusively from the first choice already made by the sawyer. Only slabs that have an extremely compact and uniform grain are taken into consideration.

Subsequently care is taken to continue the seasoning up to a level considered optimal: for this reason, from the moment of acquisition to the beginning of processing, various weighings are carried out to verify an adequate level of humidity loss. The hard rubber that is used is sourced from SEM and New York Hamburg, currently recognized as the best hard rubber producers in the world.

This choice of procurement is motivated by the fact that this ebonite has a longer duration over time. In fact, the extreme quality of the product has a much higher resistance to oxidation. The internal mechanics (alignment between the through hole and the combustion chamber) are studied, designed and manufactured with the utmost precision to ensure excellent usability.

Each stem is worked completely by hand paying particular attention to two aspects: the cave and the tooth. The hollow of the cave has a conical shape allowing more space for the outgoing smoke so as to give greater softness and aromatic complexity.

The tooth is modeled to a size that never exceeds 4 mm in order to be extremely comfortable without compromising durability and strength.

Particular attention is paid to the thickness of the briar in the most critical points such as the lower part of the combustion chamber and in the insertion between the torch and the head. For the finishing of the smooth pipes, a hand-dosed blend of completely natural oils is used.Pi

Data sheet

Anno di Produzione: 2023

Nazione di provenienza: Italy

Forma: Apple

Filtro: No

Grandezza pipa: Medium

Peso (Gr): 40

Materiale bocchino: Ebonite

Lunghezza (mm): 117

Altezza fornello (mm): 40

Diametro esterno (mm): 43

Diametro foro (mm): 18

Profondita foro (mm): 34