Pascucci Canadian Pipe Dublin Long Smooth Orange Flame P2

Made in Italy Pesaro 2023
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This Canadian with a very long barrel will allow you to have a fresher smoke and to better savor your favorite blends More info and video below in Description

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This fabulous cross between a Canadian and a Dublin, with a very long hexagonal square panel barrel, will allow you to have a fresher smoke and to better savor your favorite blends.

The flat torch allows it to stand without the aid of a pipe rest

Ideal for all types of tobacco

Mario Pascucci Lives in Pesaro and has worked for over 30 years in a very famous laboratory in his city.

Recently he embarked on a new adventure realizing his lifelong dream: to create pipes to brand with his name.

His pipes are made entirely by hand and in each of them lives his imagination and experience gained with him over the years.

He personally selects the logs to make them unique pieces.

The mouthpieces are in methacrylate set with an overturned and reflected P.

Its finishes are: Rusticated, sandblasted, p1, p2, p3 and flamed

Data sheet

Anno di Produzione: 2023

Nazione di provenienza: IT

Forma: Canadese

Filtro: No

Grandezza pipa: Medium to large

Peso (Gr): 44

Materiale bocchino: Methacrylate

Lunghezza (mm): 164

Altezza fornello (mm): 54

Diametro esterno (mm): 40

Diametro foro (mm): 20

Profondita foro (mm): 45