Peterson Pipe Newgrange Spigot 106 Fishtail Billiard Sandblasted

Made in Ireland 2024
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About the shape
One of our larger interpretations of the straight Billiard, this classic captures our House style sense of proportion through its stem and transition, complete with a more generous fire hole and a firmer feel in the hand.

Information about the series
Dark and rich like a good Syrah, the Newgrange Spigot line combines some of our most popular shapes with dark sandblasts and smooth dark oak Dwl Rims, along with Cumberland-patterned acrylic mouthpieces and the finest sterling silver spigot holders.

Range information
Representing the pinnacle of regular production, the High Grade designation is reserved for only the finest pipes leaving the Irish factory. Each pipe in this range is distinguished by its abundant grain, smooth or sandblasted, and perfect silver fittings, molded and applied by the hands of the most expert craftsmen. Silversmiths are among the most talented in the world, having followed the traditional five to eight year apprenticeship under the guidance of a senior craftsman; each blacksmith designed his own chuck, which means that each metal accessory is imprinted with the subtle and personal style of the one who crafted it.

Status: New

Shape: Billiard 106

Year: 2024

Ring: 925 silver

Mouthpiece: Black methacrylate

Value for money *****

PS The quality is indicative and varies from 1 to 5 stars. The rating is given by Mr. Pierpaolo Spinozzi based on the quality of the briar, the comfort of the mouthpiece and the repelability of the product (Limited Edition / industrial production / handmade)

Data sheet

Anno di Produzione: 2024

Nazione di provenienza: IR

Forma: Bent Apple

Filtro: No

Grandezza pipa: Average

Peso (Gr): 43

Materiale bocchino: Methacrylate

Lunghezza (mm): 164

Altezza fornello (mm): 46

Diametro esterno (mm): 34

Diametro foro (mm): 20.5

Profondita foro (mm): 39