Pipe Talamona Reverse Calabash Bent Apple Smooth Red Edition

Made in Italy 2023
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Sistema reverse Calabash che permette al fumo di raffreddarsi nella camera del cannello per sprigionare tutti i sapori e le delizie del tabacco . Maggiori info in descrizione

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New Reverse Calabash Series 2023

Reverse Calabash system that allows the smoke to cool in the torch chamber to release all the flavor and delights of the tobacco.

What are you waiting for to try it?

Material : Erica Arborea (Briar Wood )

Reverse Calabash

Finishing : Smooth

Bent Apple Nose Burner

The Talamona brand was born in the 70s, the result of the work of Cesare Talamona, a well-known craftsman from Oltrona (VA) who contributed to making the craftsmanship of Lake Varese known throughout the world with his "Pipatt". Talamona immediately established itself as a brand abroad for its creativity and for the generous dimensions of its pipes.

Once Cesare withdrew from the market at the venerable age of 85, not wanting to stop his work of "high Italian craftsmanship", he thought it best to entrust everything to Paolo Croci who bought the brand in 2007 and from 2010 began a limited production of pieces respecting the wishes of Cesare Talamona.

Even today the pipes are of high quality, entirely handmade and of generous dimensions. In the Talamona pipes it is always possible to recognize Paolo's inspiration and creative hand.

As it was for Cesare also for Paolo "every pipe has a soul and whoever buys it finds himself".

Data sheet

Anno di Produzione: 2023

Nazione di provenienza: IT

Forma: Bent Apple

Filtro: No

Grandezza pipa: Average

Peso (Gr): 75

Materiale bocchino: Methacrylate

Lunghezza (mm): 120

Altezza fornello (mm): 46

Diametro esterno (mm): 46

Diametro foro (mm): 19

Profondita foro (mm): 32