Talamona Toscano Pipe The Italy Cigar Pipe Sandblasted Combed Black Apple

Made in Italy 2024
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Pipe Designed to better enjoy your Tuscan cigar. More info in description

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BlackVery small pipe designed for smoking cigars but also excellent for smoking tobacco

The first pipe made in Italy to smoke all Tuscan cigars (or similar ones)

Tornabuoni, Italico, Nostrano del Brenta and Amazon

Pipe with very small dimensions, removable into two parts

The head and the stem completely made of Erica arborea (briar) and methacrylate like a classic one

It is recommended to use the classic lighting of the cigar and then calmly put it in the burner and start your new experience.

Happy smoking everyone

Pocket pipe bag included

Shoulder strap with space also for the cigar.

Finishing: Black combed

Mouthpiece: Cumberland color methacrylate

Data sheet

Anno di Produzione: 2024

Nazione di provenienza: Italy

Forma: Apple

Filtro: No

Grandezza pipa: Small

Peso (Gr): 25

Materiale bocchino: Methacrylate

Lunghezza (mm): 94

Altezza fornello (mm): 36

Diametro esterno (mm): 31

Diametro foro (mm): 11

Profondita foro (mm): 26