Accessories for Brebbia pipes
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Humectant stone that keeps tobacco moist and fresh Just put it in water for 2 minutes, dab it with a tissue and put it in the tobacco Humidifies up to 200 g of tobacco
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Bites Safeguarding your mouthpiece from dent marks and wear
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Methacrylate adapter which reduces the hole from 9 mm to 3 mm
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Excellent Lighter Quality price with side flame for pipe Available colours Gray / Silver Black Gunmetal Choose your desired color below
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Pipe cleaning liquid in 50 ml bottle. mint flavoured It also manages to remove even the black above the Rim of the Pipe
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The new Brebbia lighters have a new patented bowl flame “BOWL FLAME”. An anti-wind flame spreads like an umbrella, the best way to light a pipe without overheating it. With integrated 3-use press.
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